Sunday, November 21, 2010

long time no speak.....

I'm totally embarrassed that I haven't posted in over a year. I have no good excuses other than the fact that I've gotten caught up in the instant gratification of Facebook. Now that church doesn't start until 1:00pm...I'm going to try to get back in to the habit of posting on Sunday mornings.

Since I last posted some of the biggest changes that have gone on in my life is:
  • I left McKesson/Practice Partner 11 months ago. It felt like I was on vacation for the firs 6 months and has been a totally manageable load since then. I have kept in contact with some of my old co-workers since I left and man was I lucky to get out of there when I's a nightmare there...they continue to treat their employees like slaves and valuable staff continues to leave. I am so grateful that I am with Alteer.
  • Greg is now working at a school that is only 10 minutes away. Although he doesn't love it, it's certainly a step above where he was last year. It's nice to have him home earlier and happier.
  • Gabe, Rosie, Mia and Talia are still up in Casper, Wyoming. It was a tough start there as Gabe was not getting the hours that he had hoped, but things have turned around and Gabe has lots of work now. Rosie is left at home as Gabe is often gone for days at a time, but it does afford her to be home with the girls. Rosie is going to school and Nonna talks to the "pretty princesses" on skype as often as she can.
  • Damian and Michelle married 11 months ago. It was a proud day when I got to witness my one of my children marry his eternal companion in the Houston Temple. They are both attending school and working together to make this new life for themselves.
  • Joel is engaged to Lucinda. It's been a little difficult to getting to know Lucinda, but I can honestly say that I love her just as much as I do my other two daughter-in-laws. My son's know how to pick 'em.
  • Rhyannon finished her master's program at NYU and has been unemployed for about 3 months now. She has diligently been looking for work every single day and has decided to apply for another masters program starting next fall. This program will probably suite her better...too bad she didn't find this one before.
  • Ally was unemployed for about a year, but now has a job at a movie theater. She is supposed to take the pharmacy tech certification exam and then she will have a better shot at getting hired at a hospital.
  • Rachel is well in to her Jr year. Over the summer we threw her a "sweet 16" party...let her go shopping, let her get her hair cut and highlighted and surprised with a swimming party at the Hansen's. Although it wasn't quite the turn out that we had hoped, I think she had a great time. Rachel decided to run cross country this summer/fall. This required her to be at school at 4:50am to run before zero hour. This took tons of dedication, but it's been just about the best thing she's ever done. Her dedication and discipline has totally paid off...we are so proud of her accomplishments...especially being named "runner of the year". We hope that this continues and helps her get some scholarships for college.
  • Jessica started the second grade. She continues to work hard in school. School will never come easy for her due to her disabilities, but she has a good attitude and loves her teachers and friends.
  • Last Sunday we were put in a newly created ward (Stone Crest). Today we are anxious to find out where everyone has been called. All we know right now is that neither me or Greg have been called to anything. This bothered me earlier this week, but not so much now. I've decided as long as I'm supporting family, I probably couldn't handle a leadership calling anyway. Greg, however, has the desire and time to serve and it's kind of bothered him that he hasn't been called. I'm thinking that we need to take this time and work on ourselves and unfinished projects around the house.
  • This Wednesday we are heading to Palm Springs to spend Thanksgiving with the Weiler family. They have graciously invited us each year to join them, but we've declined. Since it's close this year and on the way to other family in California we decided to go. Of course this makes me a nervous wreck. I know the most important thing is that Rachel and Jessica connect with their Weiler family, especially Jessica since she doesn't even know her Grandparents from her mother's side. I can't help but feel apprehensive about I will feel like I'm on display for judgment on what kind of mothering job I'm doing in place of their mother.

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