Sunday, October 7, 2007

How hard can this be.....?

I've been doing this a lot lately. I wake up way to early in the morning...I have so many things going through my mind, I can't get back to sleep. So I decided to get up and make better use of this quiet time...

I'm ashamed that I have failed to make a habit of this journal. My desire is to regularly post so that family can be clued in and to get familiar enough with this tool so that I can get creative...learn how to make my site as cute as Miq's (not possible, but she is my inspiration).

So much has gone on since I started much to be grateful for.
  1. My house house house sold!!! I can't scream loud enough for that one. It took 9 very long months and I lost my shirt (pants and underwear) on the deal, but I'm finally not a home owner any longer. Now the for the rebuilding stage. I have to take what's left and make very good choices to try and recoup all that I lost on the deal and all that I drained to keep from losing the house while it was on the market.
  2. Rhyannon got her VISA. She now has permission to live and work in England. I felt so bad for her...newly married and had to head home (or not really home to her) to mommy. And she couldn't have been in Arizona during a hotter month. It's "africa hot" here in July. Before heading back, she went back to LA for a visit with family and friends and then here for a day to pack. She's gotten a job...hates it and looking for something else, but at least she's with Rob.
  3. Greg and Rachel are back in school. Greg took a job way on the west side of Phoenix in a much poorer area than he's ever taught before. He was grateful for the position and anxious to be an influence on these students who really need good roll models. Unfortunately...between the two...he's barely going to make it through this school year.
  4. Weekend in the "Big Apple". The end of August I was the fortunate recipient of a birthday/sister's weekend in New York City with my big sis! Randy gave the trip to Syndea for her birthday and I was the lucky one who got to go with her. I felt so guilty because Syndea had done the I "heart" NY thing...but wanted to go before there was no more "ground zero"...I on the other hand had only been to Long Island (for work in the dead of winter) my big sister indulged me and showed me all around the city. We did it all. Ground zero first... Time Square, Empire State Building , Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Central Park (brunch first...then took a walk....what a park!), The Today Show, shopped, went to church (weren't sure we were on the right subway, but noticed some sister missionaries on the subway with us...we quickly made their acquaintance and followed them)...ummm....I'm sure I've left things out, but it was GREAT. We...or at least I...had a great time seeing the sites and spending the time with my sister. I look forward to more sister get aways in the future and maybe Heidi will go with us next time. Thank you Randy!!!
  5. We got blinds! Yah...I know...why am I posting this? Well for the few of you who have made the trek out to visit us will know why....we've been living with those temporary paper/vinyl blinds all this time. We went to Home Depot to pick up a few random things and found a sale going on. I decided to splurge in celebration of Chino Hills closing. Measuring and installation for the entire was a deal that we couldn't pass up. Although the paper held up very well's nice to be able to shut out the view of the golfers, with out having to shut out our view of the blue sky.
  6. Greg turned 40...yeah...he's at least in the same decade as me. We didn't actually do that much in celebration. Just didn't feel like we could until the house closed. So we called his best friend Troy and asked if he and Jodie would join us for dinner, who in turn called several of his family members and we all went to Texas Road House for a nice meal. The Davis' are a great family who has taken us in like family. Greg got his dream camera and it came just in time to bring with us to Pleasant Grove to celebrate Aaron's 40th. He enjoyed playing party photographer...and thankful for all those who showed their patience as he learns how to use it. It was a great weekend away visiting family and friends. Thanks Heidi, for putting us up!
  7. Gabe and Rosie and Mia are staying with us. They decided they needed to get out of their current situation so that they could really build a future. Unfortunately they got here last Monday just as I was boarding an airplane for Las I wasn't here to help them settle in. I didn't get back 'til lateThursday night and they had things under control. We're excited to have family here and grateful that we'll have this time to bond with Mia. Rosie found a program similar to the one she was in in CA...hopefully she'll be able to get in the dental hygienist program with out too much delay. Gabe will be looking for work and look in to school as well
Now that wasn't so hard....


Mom said...

Yeah for a new post. Really- not so bad was it?
Glad to know the update. I've seen Joel comment on everyone's blog but can't seem to find a blog for him.
How are the others? Joel, Dami, Ally?
Miss you! Love you...please post more (in all your spare time) so I can see what you're up to.

Mom said...

It's me, Syndea. (I'm mom to my kids & I think the last post was from Mique from my computer.)
You have lots to post about. I'm glad it's mostly good "stuff". Keep it up. It's a great way to keep in touch! Now lte's learn how to post pics without the help of our kids!!!

Love you!